Camper Storage

While summer is a great time to go camping it is unfortunately at Venezie not a place where you can store your RV in your parking spot.  You can have your RV or other recreational toys in your garage but it can not be stored or parked in front of your unit.  Our bylaws state:

(d) adhere to, comply with, and strictly observe this By-law and all Rules, Regulations, By-laws, and Resolutions, in respect of the use of, either or both, his Unit and the Common Property, and in so doing, each Owner shall:

(xviii) not allow recreation vehicles, trailers, campers, boats, snowmobiles, trail bikes, all-terrain vehicles or equipment to be parked or stored anywhere on the Parcel other than in such areas designated by the Corporation;

(xix) not keep on the Parcel any private passenger automobile which IS not in operating condition and being used from day to day;

(xxiv) not allow or cause to be permitted anywhere on or in his Unit (including without limitation, the balconies and any patios annexed to any Unit), on or in the Common Property, and on or in the Project (unless as otherwise specifically permitted elsewhere in this By-law or in the Rules and Regulations of the Corporation), the storage, accumulation or placement of any of his household, business or personal effects, goods and articles (inclusive of bicycles, toys, canoes, kayaks and like things) when not in actual use, where such goods or articles are visible to other Owners, Occupants, passers-by and anyone outside the Unit, whether open or covered;

So lets keep our property looking good and maintain our unit value.